Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taken Into Account

John Cole asks a good question.

I’ve read several reports stating the budget will be 100 billion more than last year, but aren’t the Afghan/Iraq wars included instead of being supplementals? If that is the case, the budget is actually, using the accounting bullshit of the Bush years, 50 billion less?

Yeah, I wondered the same thing as I listened to the GOP go into full faux-outrage mode over the budget being put forth by President Obama yesterday. President Bush never put the war(s) into the regular budget but always did them as emergency spending, which was off the books. Now, in a fit of honesty — and forcing Congress to deal with it — the wars are in the regular budget and all of a sudden the folks who whooped through all the spending are suddenly deficit hawks.

The Republicans all say they don’t want to stick future generations with our deficit, but they sure didn’t mind sticking it to the people who are cleaning up after they trashed the joint.