Monday, February 1, 2010

Thinking Impure Thoughts?

The Republican National Committee passed a compromise purity test for their candidates, but it still makes it tough for anyone other than a doctrinaire conservative to get support from them. They still have to support the party platform, which includes such things as anti-gay and anti-choice measures.

In light of that, it makes you wonder if Senator-elect Scott Brown (R-MA) will get their support when he runs again in 2012. In his interview with Barbara Walters for ABC’s This Week, he indicated that he’s pro-choice and accepts the Massachusetts marriage-equality as settled law. He crawfished on the question about DADT, using the hoary old canard that it’s not a good thing to change the rules while we’re in the middle of two wars and he’d have to consult the “generals on the ground.” But no matter; he’s not as pure as the GOP would like their candidates to be, but he won and thereby crapped all over the Democrats and Ted Kennedy’s legacy. So it basically proves that they’ll do anything to win. To paraphrase Alfred P. Doolittle, “Scruples? Can’t afford ’em, guvnor.”