Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Irony of the Day

Rep. Leslie Osborn, a Republican in the Oklahoma legislature, wants to keep the government out of her fellow citizens’ private lives.

“How far do I want government to come into my home and your home about private personal matters?” asked Rep. Leslie Osborn, a Republican from Tuttle, in a debate. She referred to state government as a “huge monster.”

Of course, she’s not talking about a woman’s right to choose or marriage equality; she’s talking about proposals to toughen up the rules for getting a divorce in the state with the third-highest rate in the country.

Oklahoma, you will remember, passed a law last year that would have collected personal details about every abortion performed in the state and post the information on the internet. The law was struck down on technical grounds, but the legislature is trying again to pass a bill that would accomplish the same goal. And don’t even ask them where they stand on marriage equality and government intrusion into the lives of LGBTQI citizens.