Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich On Board

It will be interesting to see how some folks on the left respond to this little bit of news.

Shattering: Kucinich to vote for the HC BILL!

Howard Fineman just reported the Congressman [Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)] will have a press conference tommmorow [sic] where he will be announcing his support for the bill. Although it will be reluctant support, he WILL vote for the final bill. He also said he will emphasis [sic], as Obama did, that this is just a first step in the reform effort.

I’m not sure how many votes from the left Mr. Kucinich will bring to the floor; he’s not exactly known as a consensus-builder. But he’s also not known as someone who can be bought with promises of shiny things later on, so there must have been some serious discussion on Air Force One on the flight to the rally in Ohio on Monday.