Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make It An Issue

Sen. Mich McConnell (R-KY) is setting the stage for the fall elections and using healthcare reform as the backdrop.

“It will be the issue in every race in America,” Mr. McConnell said at a news conference in the Capitol…. His comments reflected growing Republican concern over President Obama’s resolve to secure passage of a comprehensive health care measure, which would be viewed as big Democratic achievement.

That’s fine with me; to quote the former Decider in Chief, “bring it on.” As Steve Benen notes,

Indeed, in the bigger picture, I get the sense GOP leaders are actually getting a little panicky about this. After 100 years of talking about health care reform, Democrats may actually deliver. After seven presidents tried to get this done, President Obama may be the one to cross the finish line. For all the GOP bravado, some Republicans might actually realize that the reform bill, if given a fair hearing, is likely to be pretty popular with the public.

I’d love to see the campaign ads, too, from the GOP: “Rep./Sen. _________ voted to pass the most comprehensive healthcare reform bill in history that guarantees everyone access to affordable health insurance that cannot be taken away because of a pre-existing conditions, employment status, age, or any other reason an insurance company can dream up just because they can. Vote against him/her!” Yeah, that would work. Go for it.

I really wish the GOP would come right out and say that the main reason they don’t want healthcare reform to pass has nothing whatsoever to do with costs, coverage, or “government takeover.” It is purely politics. If they’d just say that, then we can have an honest discussion about what their motivations are and forget all this cant and whining about socialism and killing grandma.