Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Question of the Day

Check this out…

How many checks do you write a month?

I have switched over to on-line banking to the point that I write one or two a month, and that’s to the lawn service. I used to write checks for everything; now a box of checks lasts five years, and the only reason I ordered new ones the last time was because my address changed. I also balance my accounts every month. That’s a habit I acquired thanks to Quicken, and I actually enjoy doing it. (I know; I need to get a life.)

The only other check I write regularly is to my dentist who is old-school enough that he doesn’t take credit cards. He doesn’t have a hygenist; he does all his own work. His office is only open three days a week; the rest of the time he works for a charity in northern Florida taking care of people who can’t afford regular dental care.

HT to CLW.