Friday, March 19, 2010

Stupak Disses The Nuns

It’s nice to know that Bart Stupak is at least up front about what goes into his thought process as he decides to vote against healthcare: he pays attention to the lobbyists that get his attention.

Congressman Bart Stupak, D-Mich, responded sharply to White House officials touting a letter representing 59,000 nuns that was sent to lawmakers urging them to pass the health care bill.

The conservative Democrat dismissed the action by the White House saying, “When I’m drafting right to life language, I don’t call up the nuns.” He says he instead confers with other groups including “leading bishops, Focus on the Family, and The National Right to Life Committee.”

Digby notes, “The last people any good Catholic should consult are nuns. What the hell do they know? Much better to listen to Bishops who cover up for pedophiles and people who believe men should take their sons into the shower to show them their big penises so they won’t be gay.”

Aside from the misogyny running rampant — “who cares what the womenfolk think?” — the idea that you draft legislation in accordance to what the interest groups dictate to you as opposed to balancing it with what your constituents might want and the judgment you’re supposed to bring to the table as an elected representative and — oh wow, here’s an idea — what might be good for the country and the millions of other people outside your district and your outer office is one of the many reasons why good people are not happy with the way things work in Washington… and Tallahassee and city hall.

That’s on top of the fact that Mr. Stupak is just plain wrong on the language in the bill about federal funding for abortions. No wonder he’s getting a challenger in the primary back in his home district in Michigan.

HT to the FC.