Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The End of Civilization

Some readers at the Washington Post were upset to see a picture of two men kissing in celebration of the beginning of marriage equality in the District of Columbia.

“I am 65 years old and I realize that the world is changing rapidly – much more rapidly than I would like it to,” she e-mailed. “While I realize that the Post must report on these changes – even the ones with which I do not agree – I feel that the picture on Thursday morning was an affront to the majority of your readership. It is not something that I want coming into my home. I believe that even your editors know that it would have been better placed in the Metro section and that it would have mitigated its impact to do so.”

Wrote Lee Miller of Columbia: “I would appreciate it if your cover pictures would not be so disturbing where my kids can see it easily on the kitchen table… please don’t shove this “Gay” business in our face. This is something that should have shown up on an inside page or two (without the picture).”

And I find it disturbing that someone is upset about two people celebrating their love in public. As for shoving “this ‘Gay’ business in [their] face,” how about all those straight people walking hand-in-hand down the street or — GASP! — pushing a stroller with baby in it: we all know where babies come from.

I wonder if these people also write in to protest when the Post puts pictures of earthquake or torture victims on the front page and demand that they shield their children from them. Somehow I doubt it.

HT to Balloon Juice.