Thursday, April 1, 2010

Civics Lesson

From the Wish I’d Said That Files, Tom Hilton at NMMNB:

The people do not directly vote on legislation. An opinion poll is not a plebiscite. When Congress passes a bill that a majority of poll respondents oppose, that isn’t un-democratic; it’s just a different decision about what should be done, by the people whose job it is to make those decisions.

When you claim that any given result of the legislative process is illegitimate just because you don’t like it, you de-legitimize the process as a whole. Which you’re perfectly free to do, because it’s a free country, and people can say stupid things if they want to.

It’s also funny that a lot of people who act like they’re still in middle school seem to have not been paying much attention while they were there to what was being taught in Social Studies class.