Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Blogaround

Catching up for two weeks here…

– A Blog Around The Clock: prison and twitter; clock quote.
– All Facts and Opinions: being unfriended.
– archy: from “drill baby drill” to “burn baby burn”; strange livestock.
– Bark Bark Woof Woof: George F. Will defends Arizona; life in a small town.
– Bloggg mourns a pioneer in autism research; Earth Day fun.
– Dohiyi Mir: April showers snow; NTodd is talking about war and peace.
– Echidne Of The Snakes: the Girl Protection Act; watching Sinead.
– Florida Progressive Coalition Blog: “Born in East L.A.”;
– Left Is Right: Florida makes women pay for their ultrasounds; how to use an iPad.
– Pen-Elayne on the Web loves her some W parody; and some more.
– Rook’s Rant: they like us.
– rubber hose: red light district; looking a little stiff there, Vladimir.
– Scrutiny Hooligans: stuff to do in Asheville; guns and posers.
– Stupid Enough Unexplanation: offensive Emmett; David Stokes wants big government to impose religion on us.
– The Invisible Library: starting with a sentence; a bridge from a non-existent past.
– The Yellow Something Something: the Big Spill; “ihre papier, bitte.”
– WTF Is It Now?? – speaking of stupid; keepin’ us safer.

That was fun.