Friday, April 16, 2010

How Dare You Mock Us!

The right wingers, especially in the person of Michelle Malkin, are deeply offended that people are making fun of the Tea Parties, mocking their misspelled signs, and attempting to disrupt the rallies by infiltration and acting out as even crazier than some of the real protesters. She even has had signs made up for her allies to carry to identify the “infiltrators”.

Yeah, that’ll work. All the infiltrators have to do is print up a bunch of these for themselves and carry them to the rally. The teabaggers are so paranoid that they won’t know who’s who, and they’ll start harassing their own folks: “You’re an infiltrator!” “No, you are!” This has Monty Python written all over it.

I have always believed that the best way to deal with people who take themselves far too seriously is to mercilessly mock them. It drives them nuts: “Why aren’t you taking me seriously!?” Because, to quote the immortal Hawkeye Pierce, “You invite abuse. It would be rude not to respond.”

HT to SteveM.