Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Cleaned My Office Desk

Ta Da! I actually had to tidy up a bit because we’re getting a site visit from people outside of the office and I want everything to look just so.

What you don’t see off to the right is my in-basket, which is where I think they’re hiding Jimmy Hoffa.

Also you don’t see that I share the space with one other person, a vacant desk area just like mine (my old one before I went out on assignment then came back six months later), the office’s small refrigerator wherein people carry out biology experiments in food spoilage, the office coffeemaker and Cuban cafecito machine (this is Miami, after all), and a six-foot tall tower of printer cartridges just outside the left side of the photo. The entire room is roughly 300 square feet for a capacity of three people. I have to go out into the hall just to turn around.