Friday, April 2, 2010

Pissed Off

A urologist in Mount Dora, Florida, has posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Obama to take their business elsewhere.

“I’m not turning anybody away — that would be unethical,” Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. “But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it.”

The sign reads: “If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.”

Doctors are entitled to their right of free speech and free association, just like anyone else. But I would also call into question his judgment and maturity as a person and as a practitioner if he is so petulant about his politics that he has to post them on his office door.