Monday, April 26, 2010

Privilege Has Its Rank

William Kristol thinks it’s no big deal that someone might get stopped by the cops in Arizona because they look like an illegal immigrant.

I doubt that it violates the Constitution, if it does, it’s a matter of federal preemption against state law. I don’t think it violates anyone’s civil rights. … I have actually read this bill[;] it is not draconian. It is not going to lead to major civil rights violations. Will a few people get stopped perhaps because some policeman has reasonable suspicion that a person is illegal? Will he be stopped perhaps on the street and asked to provide his driver’s license? Yes. That is the huge horrible civil rights violation that’s going to occur 5 times or 8 times or 13 times in Arizona.

Well, it’s easy to be cavalier about the possibility of someone else’s civil rights being violated; yeah, sure, who cares if it happens a few times? How many times does it have to happen before it becomes an outrage? To someone who respects the Constitution and the idea of the Bill of Rights, once is too many times.

The stench of white middle class privilege is rank with this one. I think Mr. Kristol might sing a different tune if he was stopped for looking, say, Jewish. But that’s never happened, has it?