Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Short Takes

President Obama says he will limit the use of nuclear weapons in retaliation against attacks on the U.S. from non-nuclear states.

There was an explosion in a coal mine in West Virginia; the death toll is at least 25.

There was good news out of the Chinese mine disaster.

Aftershocks hit Mexico and California after the quake Sunday afternoon.

The U.S. consulate in Pakistan was attacked by militants; 3 dead.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission wants $16.4 million from Toyota.

Ken McKay, the RNC Chief of Staff, is shown the door.

An indictment of Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) could make things interesting for the GOP.

Tigers Update: Johnny Damon and Brandon Inge turned the seventh inning into a rally for the Tigers as they win their opening day game against Kansas City.

The Marlins weren’t so fortunate.

Bonus: Check out this play of Mark Buehrle that will be on the highlight reels for years. (HT to Awesome Todd.)