Friday, May 14, 2010

As Maine Goes…

Via Jim Newell at Wonkette, we learn that last weekend the Maine Republican Party held their convention and went a little rogue.

Earlier this week we learned that the Maine GOP, during its state convention, replaced its standard platform with a hilarious four-page teabagger e-mail that one local reporter could only describe as “a mix of right-wing fringe policies, libertarian buzzwords and outright conspiracy theories.” It turns out, though, that this was only the second most comical thing that the teabaggers did during the convention. Some folks, while caucusing in a rented classroom at the nearby middle school, got it in their heads that the classroom’s teacher was a commie liberal indoctrinating the children with commie liberalism, and so they just dug through all of his stuff and trashed the place.

They took down a poster and replaced it with a GOP bumpersticker, then — horrors! — discovered a stash of copies of the United States Constitution distributed by the ACLU.

The teabaggers’ theory of “limited government” must be that they’re free to commit acts of vandalism.