Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Go Ahead and Yell

Al Giordano has some thoughts on the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Without an easy solution in sight, and with the knowledge sinking in of just how harmful this oil gusher will be to the Gulf of Mexico, its shores, its fishing and tourism and quality of life, a lot of people seem to be screaming that somebody should yell louder and point their fingers harder.


Yelling is for panic, and panic is for losers. In the movies, you know, the scary ones where soldiers or zombies or aliens come and kill whomever they find in their path, don’t you remember who always gets eaten first? The idiot who screams hysterically! That’s who you are behaving like today. And if you keep thinking that screaming at others to yell louder and share your misery aloud is going to save the earth, you and the rest of your pestilent species are already doomed. The earth will carry on. It’s you who won’t. And at least it’ll be a lot quieter around here, then.

This especially goes for the free-market unfettered-capitalism folks who think that corporations are fully capable of taking care of themselves, or all those people who yelled about socialism and government take-overs now demanding that the President himself get down to Louisiana and do something right this minute. See how that’s worked so far?