Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is It Real or Parody?

Here’s a headline to ponder from Christwire, Christian website that is defending the reputation of Dr. George Rekers.

If You’re One of America’s Greatest Anti-Gay Crusaders, Does a Little Trip to Spain With a Rent Boy Really Make You Gay?

I was going to write a long post about No, it makes you a self-loathing hypocrite, and being gay is all about accepting yourself as who you are and living your life without allowing others like small-minded bigots to define it. But then I read more of Christwire, and I’m pretty sure that it is a parody site on the same scale as The Onion or Jesus’ General — only a lot more subtle. You really do think you’ve landed on one of those out-there right-wing Jesus Is Lord sites, but there are little clues that tell you maybe you’re in the presence of sly genius.

So either this is parody of the first order, or these people are really, really nuts.

What do you think?