Thursday, May 20, 2010


Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is under the gun, so to speak, for having stated in a 2008 video that he served “in Vietnam” when he was in the military in the 1960’s when, in reality, he never actually went to Vietnam. What he apparently meant to say was that he served “during Vietnam.” There’s a big difference, he’s drawn a lot of fire for it, and he needs to get the matter cleared up if he hopes to actually get past it.

However, it may be mitigated by the fact that the original report in the New York Times left out the part of the video where he did say that he served “during Vietnam,” and the fact that he is not the only politician who has “misspoken” about his service, including one fellow who didn’t have any problem winning an election or two.

This is not to give Mr. Blumenthal a free pass, but it’s also not to trash him completely as Chris Matthews has done, especially when he’s selective in his outrage; let him take on Sen. Graham and President Bush as well.