Monday, May 24, 2010

Mixed Message

Now that the oil spill has been going on for over a month, the newest meme from the GOP is that President Obama isn’t doing enough to take over BP and make them stop. Sarah Palin is even accusing the president being too cozy with Big Oil to do something. (Note to Ms. Palin: no, that was your guys, Bush and Cheney, who were in cahoots with Big Oil. Try to keep up.) But then it was Rand Paul who thinks President Obama is “unAmerican” for keeping his bootheel on the neck of BP.

And wasn’t it just last week or so that all the right-wingers were up in arms and screaming about Socialism because the Obama administration had bailed out the auto industry? Now they want him to take over the clean-up. But I thought private enterprise was fully capable of doing it all by themselves without any interference by Big Guv’ment.

What’s really going here, of course, is that no matter what the reality of situation is or who’s at fault, the GOP and the teabaggers will never pass up an opportunity to blame it on someone else (i.e. President Obama), demand that someone else take responsibility, and score as many political points as possible no matter how blatantly confused or contradictory the message may be. It doesn’t have to make sense.