Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Primary Day

Today is the day that voters in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Arkansas, and some other localities vote to choose their candidates for the November elections. It could get interesting for Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), and the GOP in Kentucky. TPM has a primary primer that breaks down all the races and puts up polling results that show who’s ahead, who’s behind, and who is tipping over.

It’s dangerous to predict the outcome of a general election based on the primaries; lots of things change in six months. If the economy continues to pick up, the mood of the electorate could shift and the anti-incumbency fever could become a dull ache. The only sure thing is that between now and November there will be a lot of statements made that will require clarification later on by panicked staffers, a few YouTube moments, some jaw-dropping WTF moments, and some surprises. In other words, your typical election campaign in America.

Every candidate says that the election they’re in is the most important election in the history of Democracy. Of course they’re going to say that; do you think they’d downplay their own ego? And the cable networks will be all over the primaries with live coverage and chin-stroking analysis (including pontifications from the likes of Pat “Too Many Jews” Buchanan to James Carville, and no matter what happens, it will all be a reflection on how bad these elections are for President Obama and his future. Hey, it sells Viagra.