Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Question of the Day

Seeing as how it’s Cinco de Mayo (and I’m always reminded of a Hispanic fellow I worked with in New Mexico who asked, with all sincerity, “When is that?”), let’s eat.

What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine?

Not surprisingly, mine is Mexican; specifically the type you get in New Mexico, which is laced with chiles and spices. I don’t like it too hot because it masks the flavor, but I do keep a bottle of Tabasco sauce on my desk and I ask for it at my local Mexican restaurant. Sadly, Miami is not a hotbed — pun intended — of a variety of Mexican restaurants. You have to go to Homestead for that. And I have yet to have a plate of huevos rancheros like I used to get at Barela’s on South Fourth in Albuquerque, or a taco platter like I used to get at the original Loma Linda outside of Toledo.