Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrong Again

William Kristol informs us that the Obama administration is reluctant to enforce the immigration laws, which is why Arizona had to pass the “papers please” bill.

I’ve spoken to a lot of African American people, a lot of Hispanic people about this. They don’t object to the notion that we need to be tougher in our enforcement of immigration law. […]

The Obama administration is full of people who are at best reluctant to actually enforce the laws on the book – using the excuse that we can’t enforce anything until we have comprehensive immigration reform.

Does he get bonus points for the gratuitous “some of my best friends are Latino” line?

Anyway, he’s just plain wrong. Under the Obama administration, deportations have increased to the point that immigration advocates are calling for the dismissal of ICE Assistant Secretary Joe Morton for his “cowboy” tactics of deporting everyone in sight. According to Think Progress, “During fiscal year 2009, 100,000 more immigrants were deported than during the last full fiscal year of the Bush presidency.”

Let’s just hope that Mr. Kristol’s next pronouncement isn’t that the Tigers will win the World Series.