Friday, June 4, 2010

From Rags to Riches

The South Carolina primary race for governor has been a wild ride with the leading candidate, Nikki Haley, having to fend off charges of having affairs to explaining how she’s become more Christian despite her upbringing in the Sikh faith.

Today, the Christian Broadcasting Network published a story about Nikki Haley, the frontrunner to become South Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, saying that she “recently changed the language on her website to reflect a more Christian tone.” The story said that although Haley has “gone out of her way to make sure people know she is a Christian,” she was raised in the Sikh faith and placed more emphasis on that tradition when she ran for the state legislature in 2004.

That’s not going over with at least one SC state senator:

This evening in an interview with Pub Politics, state Sen. Jake Knotts (R-SC) — who is supporting a different candidate — slammed Haley by using a racial slur:

We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.


Meanwhile, over at Fox, Glenn Beck is biting one of the hands that feeds his employer.

On his television program this afternoon, Glenn Beck declared that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the largest stockholder of Fox News outside of the Rupert Murdoch family, “flew … the plane into the trade centers.” Beck started his rant as a defense of Israel’s actions against the aid flotilla to Gaza, but eventually began hypothesizing about if a similar flotilla was sent to Manhattan by Saudi Arabia. Beck said this had already happened essentially, when Prince Alwaleed offered $10 million dollars to then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

I suppose you could make the case that neither Mr. Knotts or Mr. Beck are afraid to speak their mind regardless of the consequences. Okay, sure. Or perhaps they’re just nuts.

HT to Think Progress.