Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Google Is Your Friend, Glenn

David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars wonders why Glenn Beck is still working at Fox.

Does the cable network hang onto its star tea-partying pundit with the once-stellar (but now rapidly declining) ratings, or does it now give its official imprimatur to a talk-show host who openly promotes the work of a Nazi sympathizer — and then refuses to apologize for it or even acknowedge [sic] that his endorsement was misbegotten?

Because yesterday, faced with the insurmountable fact that he had avidly promoted the work of Hitler apologist/American fascist Elizabeth Dilling, Beck refused to back down, and in fact tried to pretend that it was somehow that fault of liberals that he had done so.


It’s really very simple: If Fox News continues to employ Glenn Beck after this, it will forever after be known as a TV network that employs an apologist and advocate for Nazism.

I know what’s happened here. Someone gave Mr. Beck a quote or a passage from one of the late Elizabeth Dilling’s writings, he liked it, and used it on the air. He then went on to promote her works without doing some simple research via Google or Wikipedia and therefore didn’t know that she was a Nazi. Or if he did, he didn’t care because he didn’t figure that anyone who listened to him would either do their own research or care about her background. But then he gets caught. So rather than do the grown-up thing and admit that he screwed up, which would earn him a lot of grudging respect from the people like me who think he’s a charlatan and huckster of the first order, he falls back to the routine of a six-year-old being grilled on swiping an extra cookie: “I DID NOT!”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is crazier: the right-wing’s conspiracies and brutalities, or the excuses they come up with to justify them.