Saturday, June 5, 2010

If Everybody Had An Ocean….

Florida leads the nation in specialty license plates supporting non-profits groups like colleges, sports teams, environmental causes, cancer awareness; everything from Save The Manatees to Lesbians For The Metric System… okay, I made that one up. (I shouldn’t complain; I have one on the Pontiac supporting the arts.) The Florida legislature, with apparently nothing better to do — like find money for public education — has passed yet another nine specialty plates. Here’s one of the new ones approved this year:

I might actually get this one. I have only been surfing once in my life, and I sucked at it, but I love the music and the idea of riding the waves. I also think that this a really handsome plate and would look good on the back of my Mustang convertible. Or better yet, swap out the plate on the Pontiac, which, after all, is a descendant of the original woodie wagons:

And we’ll need a little surfing music: