Thursday, June 10, 2010

Question of the Day

Hit the streets…

What was the first car or motor vehicle you drove (legally) on the public roads when you first got your license?

Mine was our 1967 Ford Country Squire.

It looked like this except ours was Navy Blue. It had a big 390 CID V-8, all the bells and whistles, including an 8-track, and floated along the road like an ocean liner. It was quite a switch from the 1967 Ford Falcon I took my driver’s training in from E-Z Method Driving School in Toledo. There was something in the carburetor or vacuum system that made a whining noise like a jet turbine, and it went through gas like a 747. I guess I imprinted it, though, because my Pontiac station wagon is the 1988 version of it, except it gets much better mileage and I’ve kept it longer than the four years we had the ’67.