Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short Takes

The BP gusher went full tilt after a robot sub knocked the cap off. BP says they have now fixed it.

Oil ashore: “Pensacola Beach got the worst wallop so far in Florida from the spreading Gulf of Mexico slick, with eight miles of sticky oil arriving on the area’s pristine sands.”

Status quo: President Obama says the Afghanistan strategy won’t change in the wake of the dismissal of Gen. McChrystal.

Politics down under: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is out after an internal party fight, making Julia Gillard Australia’s first woman PM.

Charlie Crist is now looking to Democrats for fund raising.

A 5.0 earthquake gets a little bit of shaking going on in Ottawa.

Landon Donovan scores the one goal needed to keep the US team’s hope alive at the World Cup.

Tropical Update: keeping an eye on a system that could come into the Gulf.

The Tigers lose to the Mets again.