Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short Takes

There are a lot of plans but few details in the Gulf clean-up program.

Some Democrats in Congress are not impressed with the Pentagon’s report on the war in Afghanistan.

Small Talk — The BP chairman apologized for his “small people” comment.

They won’t take it with them; Bill Gates and Warren Buffett encourage their fellow megarich to give away their fortunes. (For the record, I wouldn’t refuse it if offered….)

Teachable moment — Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk has some more explaining to do about his career in the classroom.

It’s a mystery — Who are these two people trying to bluff their way into MacDill Air Base?

Business is picking up at Florida seaports.

Spirit Airlines and the pilots have a tentative deal; flights are expected to resume on Friday.

The Tigers beat the Nationals 8-3, extending their winning streak to 5 games.