Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teed Off

The latest attempt to prove that the right wing can’t keep their message straight is that President Obama plays golf while the oil still gushes into the Gulf of Mexico.

As NewsBusters previously reported, America’s media on Saturday had a collective hissy fit over BP CEO Tony Hayward having the nerve to participate in a yacht race on his day off.

At the same time, no such outrage was expressed concerning President Obama and Vice President Biden going golfing.

This double standard continued Sunday as the three broadcast network political talk shows all began with Hayward’s yacht outing while ignoring the President’s R&R on the links.

Nice try. Please explain how this fits into the previous meme that President Obama is a Chicago-style thug/socialist who spends every waking hour scheming to take away our guns and Medicare and turn it all over to the marrying gays. Or, as Steve M sums it up: “Folks, you can’t say the guy is the mastermind of a totalitarian machine that’s sweeping all before it and say he’s a slacker.”

Not to mention the fact that there aren’t just a few people in the GOP who think that the only time a black man should be on a golf course is when he’s carrying someone else’s golf clubs.