Friday, June 25, 2010

Walking The Plank

I truly think the Texas GOP has lost their mind… assuming they had one in the first place. Take a look at some of the things they demand of their elected leaders.

The GOP there has voted on a platform that would ban oral and anal sex. It also would give jail sentences to anyone who issues a marriage license to a same-sex couple (even though such licenses are already invalid in the state).

“We oppose the legalization of sodomy,” the platform says. “We demand that Congress exercise its authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.”

The Lone Star state initially passed a law barring sodomy in 1860. Violators faced anywhere from five to 15 years in prison. The ban was overturned in 2003.

In addition, the platform says that homosexuality “tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit and leads to the spread of dangerous communicable diseases.”

It also states that homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle in public schools and “family” should not be redefined to include homosexual couples.

They would also ban “all pornography.”

I’m not an expert in these matters, but I don’t think that the sex acts they describe would apply only to gay people. But what’s interesting is that for all their talk about traditional family values, these people sure are hung up on other peoples’ sex lives. They obsess more about it than the people they’re going after. And I would like to know, just for informational purposes, how they propose enforcing the laws.

As for banning pornography, I think they’re going to have trouble with that, too. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Texas — I was born there but we left within six months and I’ve only been back for the purpose of passing through on my way to someplace else — but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot like every other state where there’s a thriving and tax-generating industry that supplies the wants, needs, and desires of people who partake in what’s known as “adult entertainment.” In other words, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a spot in Texas where you can’t drive a relatively short distance to find it, and I’m also willing to bet that a lot of the cars and trucks in the parking lot have “McCain/Palin” or tattered old “Bush/Cheney” bumper stickers.

But wait, there’s more.

In addition to this, the Texas GOP seeks to end the state’s lottery, which provides millions in funding to public education; restrict citizenship to children born in the United States whose parents are citizens; end federal sponsorship of pre-kindergarten schools; impose a jail sentence on any illegal immigrant in the state; shut down all day-labor centers; cut off all bilingual education after a student’s fourth year in a U.S. public school; legalize corporal punishment in public schools; mandate that evolution and global warming be “taught as challengeable scientific theory”; and demand that Congress evict the United Nations from U.S. soil and end American membership in the global body.

So basically they want to make the state even more xenophobic, their students less informed about reality, and alienate the sizable Latino population. These people make George W. Bush sound like a flaming liberal.

It’s ironic that these people think that the pursuit of happiness and freedom is best achieved by stomping on the rights and pursuits of everybody else. If they can’t be happy, no one can. What a sorry lot of pathetic people.

HT to Steve M.