Monday, June 7, 2010

Which Is It?

Gov. Haley Barbour (R) of Mississippi is still denying that the oil spill in the Gulf is any big deal for him to worry about.

Barbour, a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, has consistently insisted that pretty much every reaction to the spill has been an overreaction.

Barbour originally claimed several times that the spill “isn’t anything like Exxon Valdez.” (He was right, it’s much worse.) He has appeared on television and gone out of his way to praise both BP and the government’s efforts: “BP has never said no to any request,” he told CNN, while “the federal government, whether it’s the Coast Guard or whomever, has worked hard with us.” And he has compared washed up oil to “caramel-colored mousse” and “toothpaste.”

Barbour has repeatedly blasted the media for hurting his state’s tourism with reports that make the spill sound “like this is Armageddon.” He told a local newspaper that cancellations at hotels and other attractions were “are at a record pace, and the reason is they think we are inundated with oil or that it’s imminent.”

The Governor has also been critical of calls to halt offshore drilling in the Gulf. “A bunch of liberal elite were hoping this would be the Three Mile Island of offshore drilling,” he told a business group.

But when it comes to finding someone to blame — guess who — Gov. Barbour calls the oil spill a “disaster.”

While Gov. Barbour may not be able to make up his mind whether or not the oil spill is no big deal or a disaster, it’s pretty obvious that he’s a political hack of the first order.

HT to Bob Cesca.