Thursday, July 15, 2010


Argentina passes marriage equality.

Lawmakers in the Senate passed the bill after 14 hours of debate that began Wednesday and carried well into early Thursday morning, the state-run Telam news agency reported.

The bill had already passed the lower chamber of Congress.

It gives same-sex couples equal marriage rights, including the ability to adopt children.

The law was backed by the center-left government of President Cristina Kirchner, who has said she will sign it.

This is terrific news in a country that has gone from right-wing dictators to military coups to emphatic democracy and equality. It’s a lesson that a certain country that prides itself on freedom and liberty — and isn’t above lecturing other countries about the blessings of equal rights under the law — could learn.

And I can think of at least two couples I know here in Miami who will be heading home to tie the knot.

HT to Melissa.