Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving Day 2

The office move continues. The title sounds like a bad sequel to a movie, but we knew this would take more that just one day. The logistics are a bit tricky given that some people still had to work to meet deadlines as we were packing; some people are out of the office on vacation — trips that were planned months before we knew we were moving — and there were unforeseen obstacles that inevitably appeared. Some, such as running short of boxes and tape, were easily dealt with, and others were of the predictable kind: the new place looks bigger than it really is and the layout you thought would work doesn’t. You just have to go with the flow.

The timetable is such that we are supposed to be up and running with everything in place by noon today. Not a chance. But with the holiday weekend and Monday off, things are slow. I am taking bets that I will still have unpacked boxes at Winter Break. Heck, I still have boxes unpacked at home from my last move, which was two years ago.

One thing I learned from a previous move: grab all your computer cables and hide them. If you don’t, they grow legs and wander off.