Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No There There

Adam Serwer explains how the latest right wing cause celebrethe New Black Panther case — is a nothingburger.

I did an interview with New York Daily News Columnist Errol Louis about the New Black Panther Party case today and realized that there’s a specific data point that has been lost in all the breathless coverage of this case and whether or not it represents a racist agenda from the Obama administration: The decision not to file a criminal case occurred before Obama was even in office.


All of which kind of puts a rather large wrinkle in the right-wing fantasy that the decision to pursue a civil rather than criminal case against The New Black Panther Party members was a racist decree handed down from the racist leadership of the Obama administration. None of the Obama administration’s political appointees who have been attacked as having mandated this decision were even working at the Department of Justice at the time the case was downgraded!

Next up: Bill Clinton’s penis caused the BP oil spill in the Gulf.