Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor Baby

The victim of the Shirley Sherrod story speaks out:

An unrepentant Andrew Breitbart told POLITICO on Thursday that the Obama administration and its allies have manufactured a controversy over the video he posted of Shirley Sherrod’s speech to the NAACP as part of an orchestrated effort to take him down.

“I am public enemy No. 1 or 2 to the Democratic Party, the progressive movement and the Obama administration based upon the successes my journalism has had,” Breitbart said in a telephone interview late Thursday morning as he headed to the airport for what he said was a long-planned, three-day vacation.

Oh, set it to music, you worthless excuse for a “journalist.” I hope Shirley Sherrod sues your ass off and you end up selling classified ads for the weekly shopper’s guide in Bayonne.

The good news about this story is that this, at long last, might be the Joseph Welch “have you no sense of decency” moment in the whole right-wing cacophony of smears and attacks on the Obama administration and liberals in general. To be sure, it won’t stop the attacks, but perhaps now people and the press won’t be so quick to fall for them. That means that best thing that could come out of this whole kerfuffle is that while the attacks will become more and more outrageous — if that’s possible (and of course it is) — they won’t be a source of concern; they’ll be a laughingstock, and the people that push the latest “shocking” scandal will be taken as seriously as the guy who stands on the street corner, soaked in his own urine, shouting at the passersby about the CIA putting transmitters in the fillings in his teeth.