Monday, July 12, 2010

Rick Scott vs. Decency

Some people will do anything to gain political advantage, including exploiting the tragedy of a family with a child born prematurely resulting in severe problems, just to win the votes of the pro-lifers.

Rick Scott is reaching into his corporate past to woo a key electorate in the Republican primary for governor and bolster his claims as a “pro-life leader.”

“We lost a $43 million lawsuit because we saved the life of a child that the parents didn’t want us to,” the former Columbia/HCA health care CEO said on a recent Panhandle campaign swing. “Everything I’ve done in my career … I care about life.”

As antiabortion issues begin to dominate Scott’s contest with Attorney General Bill McCollum, Scott’s lack of a voting record stands in contrast to McCollum’s lengthy history from two decades in Congress and repeated bids for elective office.

But as he courts core conservative voters, Scott is thrusting a Texas family’s 20-year-old turmoil into an increasingly bitter dialogue on the topic of life.

The family suggests Scott is distorting its misfortune for political gain.

“Mr. Scott, you’ve grossly overstepped the bounds of decency,” Mark Miller, the father at the center of the controversial case, said in an interview. “I call on you to accurately reflect the facts. If you are going to run on the record, run on all of it, not just the parts that suit your needs.”

Everything I’ve read or heard about Mr. Scott — mainly from the material that his campaign pumps out — is that he cared far more about saving his company its vast fortune. If he could have make a buck doing late-term abortions and sell it as a way of saving the state money, he’d have done it in a heartbeat.