Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short Takes

The New York Times reports that workers on the Deepwater Horizon were worried about their safety on the rig before it blew.

Michael Steele has something new to worry about.

Help for small businesses gets the brush-off from the GOP.

GM is doing brisk business with Buicks in China.

Elena Kagan picked up another GOP senator’s vote; Richard Lugar of Indiana.

The Miami Herald reports that Cuba may be about to release all its political prisoners. (But how come they said they didn’t have any?)

Craigslist con artists are going after people looking to rent in South Florida.

Rick Scott and Bill McCollum bring their acts to Miami to try to knock each other out of the governor’s race.

Tropical Update: Invest 97 may miss South Florida.

The Tigers finally win one; they beat the Rangers 4-1.