Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Memories

Ten years ago I went to visit my nephew at the summer camp in Colorado where I had spent ten summers — 1976-1986 — as a counselor and one summer — 1964 — as a camper. When I was there I took these pictures.

The Mummy Range, Rocky Mountain National Park

Longs Peak – 14,257 ft. I’ve climbed it twice.

The camp is an old family tradition. My mom went there when she was a girl, my bother and I went there, riding out west on the Denver Zephyr train from Chicago, and lots of cousins, nieces, and nephews also shared the magic of the mountains. I’m putting up these pictures in honor of the campers and staff at the camp who made such a powerful difference in my life and wish them the best the end of First Term and lots of fun plus in the mountains as Second Term starts, and also to share memories with my former campers and fellow counselors who are still in my life.

May the Code be with you!