Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DeLayed Justice

Tom DeLay gets a walk on federal charges.

The Justice Department notified DeLay’s lead attorney, McGuireWoods Chairman Richard Cullen, about the decision last week, the lawyer said.

“The federal investigation of Tom DeLay is over and there will be no charges,” Cullen told Politico. “This is the so-called Abramoff investigation run by the Public Integrity section of DOJ. There have been a series of convictions and guilty pleas since 2005.”

He still faces charges in Texas, but after four years of foot-dragging by the Bush administration and back-burnering by the Obama DOJ, the former House Majority Leader gets to go free. For now.

But I suppose when the best gig you’ve had offered is to shake your ass on Dancing With the Stars, there’s something to be said for karma.