Monday, August 23, 2010

Feuding In Wingnuttia

Some tails are all puffed up over in Wingnuttia:

After being dumped from a WorldNetDaily conference over her participation in the gay Republican group GOProud’s “Homocon,” Ann Coulter is attacking the far-right website.

“These are fake Christians trying to get publicity,” Coulter said on Fox News’ “Red Eye.” She’s upset with WND not just for dropping her but for publishing quotes from her email exchanges with WND editor Joseph Farah.

Farah responded in a statement: “Coulter called me a ‘publicity whore’ for my decision. But look who is on television talking about this — throwing mud, name-calling, smearing not only me but my entire staff. I will not engage in the kind of ad hominem attacks that have made Coulter so famous and that are making her even more of a media darling in this age of reckless anger and character assassination for the sake of entertainment.”

Don’t you just love hearing someone from World Net Daily complain about ad hominem attacks from Ann Coulter? It’s like they could sue for copyright infringement.

Pass the Orville Redenbacher, please.