Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flimflam Sauce

Nobel Prize-winning economists aren’t known for their devastating wit, but Paul Krugman can be downright acidic when he wants to be. Here he is taking apart the Republicans’ latest offer as their “next shining intellect” on the economy, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin:

Mr. Ryan has become the Republican Party’s poster child for new ideas thanks to his “Roadmap for America’s Future,” a plan for a major overhaul of federal spending and taxes. News media coverage has been overwhelmingly favorable; on Monday, The Washington Post put a glowing profile of Mr. Ryan on its front page, portraying him as the G.O.P.’s fiscal conscience. He’s often described with phrases like “intellectually audacious.”

But it’s the audacity of dopes. Mr. Ryan isn’t offering fresh food for thought; he’s serving up leftovers from the 1990s, drenched in flimflam sauce.

What’s really too bad is that if there was someone in the Republican Party who was serious about really doing something about out-of-control deficits, they didn’t have the guts to do anything about it when they were piling up. Now all of a sudden they’re in the minority and all of a sudden they’re the ones screaming about how terrible it is. It’s like someone in a bar saying “Why the hell did you let me get so drunk?”

Next time, stay off the sauce.