Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now They Like Him

This isn’t a big surprise.

Politics is funny sometimes in Florida.

One day people call you a fraud who ripped off taxpayers and financed smut, the next day they hail you as a visionary leader, job creator and good friend. One day you’re denouncing special interest and lobbyist money, the next day you are courting it.

Such is the case with Rick Scott, the mega-rich businessman who stunned the GOP establishment last week by beating Bill McCollum for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Only a week ago, state and national party leaders treated Scott as a dangerous pariah, but now they’re eagerly embracing him and hoping for forgiveness.

It’s the old “rally ’round the winner” routine, and it’s Politics 101; the party is desperate to win, toadies want a job or the limelight, and somewhere, somehow, someone is planning on making a bit of a fortune off of it.

The one thing that Rick Scott is doing that seems a little odd is that he seems to think he’s running for a national office by campaigning against the expiration of the Bush tax cuts (naturally; he’s a multi-billionaire) and against the Islamic center in lower Manhattan. That’s typical GOP boilerplate, but what does that have to do with running the state of Florida?

Well, I suppose when you’ve got your own scandals to answer for, you’ll do anything to avoid talking about it.