Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remebering Katrina

There’s a lot of coverage about how New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are doing five years after Hurricane Katrina struck. But I also remember quite vividly that before it hit there, it came through South Florida. It was my first hurricane, and I blogged through it — at least until the power went out — and the aftermath.

Re-reading those posts from five years ago reminds me that for whatever reason — the storm wasn’t as strong when it hit, the lay of the land, the fact that hurricanes are a fact of life and folks were prepared — we here in South Florida got off comparatively easy compared to New Orleans and the Gulf. (In fact, I’ll bet there are people outside of South Florida who don’t know that we got Katrina first.)

I’m glad to see New Orleans and the Gulf are coming back, and I’m glad that we in South Florida didn’t have to go through what they did.