Friday, August 20, 2010

What Is It About August?

It occurred to me this morning that this month is the one where we get the nutsery in full bloom. Maybe it’s the heat in some places; maybe it’s because people with kids are tired of chasing them around while they’re on summer break and have just had it and can’t wait for school to start (on Monday here in Miami); maybe it’s Congress being in recess and they’re back home stirring up mischief instead of being locked in the asylum on the Potomac. Who knows. But a lot of crazy stuff happens in August. And I see I’m not the only one who is wondering this.

It has traditionally become the month to celebrate how stupid America has become. It is the month when stupidity in America goes on full display with a vengence [sic].

It is the month where we learned about shark attacks and Gary Condit while George Bush ignored a security warning titled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US.” It is the month where wingnutopia talking points for invading Iraq was manufactured and tested. It is the month that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth began running ads about John Kerry while the rest of wingnutopia went crazy about the flip-flop meme. It was the month of Katrina. It was the month when Karl Rove convinced most of the media that he had “the math”. It was the month when the Palin traveling carnival of hucksters was introduced to America. It was the month of death panels. It was the month the Tea Party sprang forth from well fertilized astroturf. Now it is the month to worry about secret moooslims building things or terrorist cell groups of anchor babies. And always it is a month where the dumbest mother fuckers in America try to drive our National discourse with fear, ignorance and hatred.

It’s not just us and not just now; the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia in August 1968 at the same time riots were breaking out in Chicago outside the Democratic National Convention. The Watts riots broke out in Los Angeles in August 1965. And, of course, World War I started in August 1914.

Maybe in one respect the French have the right idea. They basically take the entire month off. Paris is a ghost town in August while everyone heads for the beach. Maybe we should all just do that.