Monday, September 20, 2010

Classless Warfare

Ben Stein, who achieved his first fifteen minutes of fame by delivering the line “Bueller….Bueller” and now makes his living as shlub on TV commercials, is upset that he might get a tax hike.

I am a fairly upper income taxpayer. Not anything even remotely close to sports stars or movie stars or financial big boys. But I am above the level Mr. Obama says makes me rich. So, in the midst of a severe recession, I am to have my taxes raised dramatically.

I am not quite sure what my sin is.

Your sin, sir, is being a whiny little snot who doesn’t get the idea that the Internal Revenue Service and the tax code were not created just to make your life miserable; it’s just one of the perks.

So while people like Ben Stein will have to pass up the S-Class Mercedes and settle for the E, the rest of us will just have to remind them that “class warfare” was a term invented by people who don’t have a whole lot of class in the first place.