Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Immigration Evasion

Jennifer Carroll, Rick Scott’s running mate in the Florida governor’s race, was evasive in an interview with Palm Beach Post about immigration and how to reform it.

CARROLL: We haven’t gotten into the nitpicky as to how a bill is going to be crafted. There’s already a bill by Will Snyder that the House has already filed. What the containment of that bill is, how it is going to come out of the House or Senate, is another story.

PALM BEACH POST: Do you support Representative Snyder’s bill?

CARROLL: I have not read the bill, so I cannot tell you.

During the primary campaign, Mr. Scott came out strongly in favor of the Arizona “papers please” bill. In a state that has a lot of immigrants — including Ms. Carroll herself — it’s going to be both interesting and informative to see how the Republicans now frame the immigration debate. Stay tuned.