Thursday, September 30, 2010

Short Takes

The terror threat in Europe is seen as “credible.”

Congress is adjourning without dealing with the tax cuts.

On again — Stem cell research can continue while the case to halt it is in court.

JP Morgan Chase halts foreclosures pending paperwork reviews.

Meanwhile, foreclosures are still high in South Florida real estate.

Cuba plans to drill deeper than BP.

Another world — Astronomers have evidence of another planet out there that is possibly capable of sustaining life.

R.I.P. Tony Curtis, 85, actor (Spartacus, Some Like It Hot) and father of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tropical Update: After dumping a lot of rain on South Florida, what’s left of TS Nicole heads up the east coast.

The Tigers lost the doubleheader to the Indians. Tonight they head to Baltimore for the last series of the season.