Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short Takes

Tough going at the Israel/Palestine peace talks.

Sorta: President Obama appointed Elizabeth Warren to “unofficially” head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Vice President Biden warns against underestimating the Tea Party.

Keeping it up: Wall Street continues to rally.

Next Stop, Tycho: Boeing is planning to offer trips to space.

Finally: BP says the well in the Gulf of Mexico — remember that? — may be sealed “soon.”

MIA is getting into training.

Sucker! Rush Limbaugh got taken in by a hoax.

R.I.P. Edwin Newman; reporter, journalist, and lover of the language.

Tropical Update: Hurricane Igor seems to be giving Bermuda some breathing room; Hurricane Julia is remaining out at sea; TS Karl is done dousing the Yucatan.

The Tigers lost again to the Rangers.