Monday, September 13, 2010

Short Takes

Israel shows a little flexibility on the settlements issue.

are slowly returning to their homes in San Bruno, California, after the gas explosion last week that killed four.

The wildfire in Boulder may have been started by a firepit.

A few people showed up in funny hats for the astroturfed Tea Party rally in D.C. yesterday.

A Florida court will hear arguments in a lawsuit contending that the healthcare law is unconstitutional.

Where’s Charlie? — Gov. Crist isn’t doing much governing as he campaigns for the Senate.

R.I.P Kevin McCarthy; actor in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and numerous stage plays, including Biff in Death of a Salesman.

Tropical Update: Hurricane Igor is a Cat 4 but looks like it might miss the mainland; watch out, Bermuda. Tropical Storm Julia is next, also curving north, and there’s a disturbance south of Hispaniola that could become something.

The Tigers beat the Orioles. They are at .500.